About Me

Hi, I’m CA Shri Ram Maheshwari. I currently reside in Bhilwara, India, where I was raised and I continued to grow until I was 5'11’.

Chartered Accountant and M com. by Academic Qualification. 

Pursued chartered accountancy course for a better future, and for my Soul.

I have been fortunate to do what I love.

Blogger, poet, writer of words(fictional), thinker of thoughts, lurching from one day to the next and all-too-easily distracted…

Trained to bring a smile to everyone in society (exceptions: relatives and neighbors). 

And more about me – Firstly all pics are how my face appears in real (not just on Twitter /Social Media)

Humorous* (Oh I breathe, eat, and … humor),

I never expected to own a yoga mat.

polyglot* If you speak to me in marwadi, english, hindi and/or gujarati., I’ll understand you.


naturalist, anthropologist, teahead, cynic, and experimental..qualified in all and none.

new dawn always welcomes you” is my blog of unedited nonsense, ramblings, babblings, stream of flimsiness, strains of whimsiness,
plus poetry, rhyme, verse, doggerel, and journeys in rhythm...everything that rhyme.


Aspiring Lottery Winner and Tabla Player

“Bragging Rights: Survived many years of life”

My biggest pet peeve is seeing people live unhappy lives when they have complete control over their futures.

“If you have seen any of the above descriptions in various other social network sites, Yes you have reached the right Shri Ram :-)”

So Welcome! Friend into my very own Space in the E-World!

A simple rule of engagement! I have chosen not to moderate any comments here to allow free flow of information. 

Love or hate what I write or do, please don’t love or hate me.
In short, love/hate my thoughts and not Shri Ram. 

I'm all over this internet thing, and completely stalk'able online:  Click here!

Seeking to be inspired, to envision the unlikely, to work hard for things that are worth it, and to be surrounded by those who bring out the best in me.

You can connect with me on social media, where I post updates about coming projects and share short poems and epigrams.

I am the founder and Contributor to some popular Quora Spaces

I am on a few social media but active only on  Twitter and Quora

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