new dawn always welcomes you

Where do I begin?

I tagged along but you throw me in

Set up for a wild ride

Things have been thrown at me coming from every side

I duck, I roll, I throw them all back but

You've never even noticed any of the attacks

I run, no, I've been sprinting

I'd do a marathon if I have to

But you just seem to never have a clue

of what I'd do for you

I do all that you asked me 

You ca't see what I've done

I march on, push through, with no sign that you'll come

I won't let it stay this way

Now I',m doing this for me 

Breath in

Change this mindset

Time to show myself what I'm capable enough to do

I'll jump and I'll fly 

I'll prove and prove myself until the day i die

This is where it begins and now I'm on a new ride.

© Shri Ram


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