You Will See

You Will See-New dawn Always Welcome You

Today i write for souls that know no light

Lives that seem like bad hand writing

Where each passing day seem like a hang on

A hang  on of countless losses and few wins.

Today i write for the broken spirited,

Whose first kiss were from lips of betrayal,

Betrayal that grew into unwanted hands

Unwanted hands that  keep visiting their bodies,

Leaving it a shadow of what it used to be.

Today i write for the silent.

Whose tongues have been quite for so long

That the sound from their own voice,

Frights them into shells,

Lonely hearts that wear goodness,

Goodness that spread all over this damned place.

Today i write for you,

I write for me too,

I write for your all worries

I write for the whatever you have locked in

I write so that you can find solace in these words.

On days these words fail you,

Days you spite yourself

Days you break beyond recognition 

I pray you always remember,

That grief feeds of everything

Even beautiful things.

Your grievances will pass,

You'll see

Everything that never had a place,

will have a place.

© Shri Ram



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