Red Paint

Red Paint-new dawn always welcomes you

A blank canvas at the artist's disposal

A plan for monochromatic red


Mother's favourite colour

The colour that carried her fiery passion

In her dresses

Her lipstick and bindi

The costumes she wore for marriage

The colour of the roses left at her death portrait.

 The artist starts to paint on the canvas

A calculated stroke of a warm cherry red.


Red continues....

The evening light caught on a red silk tie

The boy always in red

Casually wears a red plaid jacket

A red backpack always on his shoulders

The red followed him everywhere.


And I followed the red....


I gave puzzle pieces of myself

She listened to my ramblings

She praised my accomplishments

She seemed to greatly care for me.


When no one else would


But before long the red grew darker

She started to dismiss my ramblings

Her praise disappeared into ashes

The pieces manipulated by her hand.


A deep dark red slashed on the canvas...


Did the girl ever love me?


Reckless, dangerous and messy

Or was I just a fun new toy?


Covering the warm cherry red...


Red was such a beautiful colour

But now it just ruins the canvas.


©Shri Ram

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