At first I was here to observe
Because I was curious
Because I wanted to see

The changes that they had made
I wanted to understand their methodology
Unintendedly I became seen by both sides
As a figure of authority
So I played the part
That they, all, needed me to play

Night became day
Those I had been supporting departed
I considered doing the same
But now there was someone new

And I found that
For reasons I don’t yet understand
I like her
I feel like

For reasons I don’t understand
She likes me too

So I decided to stay
A little while longer
I decided I would wait
Until she was free to leave
And, as I waiting, I awoke here

So now I I am left to hope
That, some day
My sight will fall back upon her

That, when it does
I will still be looking at her
Out of my corner of my eye, as she

Slyly, believing it is something she                     
Is getting away with, concealing
Is watching me, as I watch her
From the corner of her eye.


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