The Genesis of Dreams

I have grown accustom

To all those I care for

Turning a blind eye towards me

That I forget I was the one

Who decided my presence in my life

Could serve a little more than a detriment

Now you didn’t object

I suppose, after all our time together

You have grown more accepting

Of the fact I am seldom wrong

I doubt this goodbye is forever

I don’t think two souls

Such as yours and mine

Are truly capable of saying, goodbye

I write about you, sometimes

I doubt you recognize yourself in my work

I don’t know how it is that you think I see you

But I’m quit certain it is different than reality

I have become who I am

I have found the strength to be myself

Because I had the ability to ask myself

What would I do, if the woman I now love

Was the one that I have forever known as you

It was thought that demanded I take action

That demanded I changed my reality

But even though everything I do in this regard

Is born of the question

What if it was someone I love as I do

It will still, probably, always be a question

That need to be asked

Atleast while I am still of this world

But no amount a desiring it be otherwise

Will ever change my mind that yours is the voice I hear

When all that there is myself, and another.

Shri Ram:)


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