The undaunted

An earthen lamp,
Prolific and fecund,
On its solo sojourn,
Tours the globe,
Tittering – tottering,
In Its fiery fierceness;

Rising from flint,
The caprice of despotic dark,
With its feeble flames unwrinkling,
The night’s tired limbs;

Sparks to sparks its dawns,
Breaking a spine of the treacherous being called dark,
Blowing the ego that pillages,
Burning brighter, but dying every hour;

When the cold shivers, run down the vein,
In fear or doubt,
It unpins the clock, of mist, with the faith of smouldering,
Embers that warms of hopeless souls;

Unwavering and rebounding,
It is speechless and shapeless,
Yet audacious enough to wake,
The dead in the grave,
Its mortal dreams light the fire of life,
Wick by wick,
It births the strength that gnaws on the term called despair,
Tattering into shreds;

Hail light! summon the winds,
That encompasses the heaven and earth,
For it is the weapon that wins battles and brave the storm,
That cause the end of evil and rise of the virtuous,
To enlighten and embolden the world,
With its tiny flicker.