Poet's Lock Down

One cup coffee is now too much
One full food plate is expensive
Green salad luxury.

One dream never comes true
One house never be in name
Unemployment raising heads
Dragons biting hopes
Not anyone knows,  no one too sure
Other than sunrise and sunset
Few seasons crossing hell
Buzzing around confused race.

Someone cooking rice
Smoke of bread also seen
One bowl,  more than two.

Monument of temple
Deity fasting, starving through
Materialistic stone cold sober
Declared death's kingdom.

Holding hands of beloved, in imagination
Poet cooks food delicious
Then went out for walk
Speaking  of a garden, some of wonderland
Some on shore,  becoming crown holders
On behalf each other.

When water drops in a thirsty throat
But leave lips dry
Thrust never goes away
Unless water pass through lips.

Who is master?
Who is devotee?
Who crafts?
Who's artist?

Long Island waiting to see a glance
Heaven momentum  just swim like dolphin
In clean blue wavy sea wine
Surfing surface in sufferings
Peace restore in concept of rebirth.