Chaos is ladder
And the world has climbed to the  heights
Of self destruction
With its people living on the edge of tomorrow
To sacred to get back to ground zero
Because there is no ladder to break their  fall.

But this is a grand deception, the long con
A World on a string dancing to the tunes of its master
Our friends from the far east
A war betwixt east and north
And the earth is their battlefield
A man made C-virus is pulled out of the hat
Also is fair in love and war, i reckon
And a death will be price to pay
For the greater good.

Humanity will pray to their god  and unite to fight
Against the foe they created
A foe that threatens to wipe  their existence
Off the face of the earth
The young will die,  the old will die sooner
The living will be prisoners of their own homes
In isolation the resident evil without the zombies  yet.

Chaos is ladder and he who finds the cure
Gets to enjoy the spoils of war
It's just good business.

Shri Ram :)
Twitter :@maheshwarisr