How To Outlive A Pandemic

1. Write your wishes on the last pages of your journal, the center will hold your sanity when this is over.

2. Water the plants, pretending your faith has roots.

3. When hope/help visits, do not tell it off with a mouth full of tales of yesterdays.

4. Join an online challenge. You may win something for once in your life.

5. When a stranger tweets “allow it” at 3:46 AM, hold back from replying NO. No one resists the day and wins.

6. Do yoga. Everyone does yoga, even those who cannot bend to salvage their ego when it is pushed.

7. I know you like the dark, but leave a light on in the kitchen; your anxiety will wake you up just when you are getting a hang of sleep. Tell yourself it is thirst.

8. You hated the news as a child because it was always about millions embezzled, and the only millions you ever saw was in your math textbook. Remember, you still hate the news.

9. Get a hobby. Try cooking; read the recipe for the last meal your mother made for your father — I mean, her master — before he died of food poisoning.

10. Tear the mid pages of your journal; you were never sane anyway.

Shri Ram :)

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