Why should you follow me on Instagram?

You should not and I’ll give you 13 reasons why.

1. I don’t post selfies with ducklicious pouts.

2. I don’t apply kilograms of make up on my face and call it art.

3. I never post sarcastic offensive jokes like point number 2.

4. I cannot show you my cleavage or my thighs.

5. I don’t share fancy stories of me and my friends smoking patanjli Hookah in an overexpensive roof terrace.

6. I don’t post lot of harsh and depressing lines in Hindi and English latenight frequently.

7. I don't change profile picture frequently.

8. I I don’t post a lot travel pics that will make you jealous. It’s just me and my Activa romancing each other anywhere we find space.

 9. I hardly reply to DM there.

10. I’m neither an influencer nor a celebrity, just a man who speaks what’s in his mind.

11. I don’t use fancy hashtags and make my food look like it’s straight out of Masterchef.

12. You will not see a lot of posts of me drinking milk roz in random places in India, which is not at all interesting.

13. I know I’m not Instaram worthy, and I don’t really care. Don’t spoil your Instagram  timeline by following me, and don’t worry, If you still want to follow me, I admire your admiration for the non beautiful things in life.

There are 0 fake accounts on my name, be careful when you try to search my real account.
Don’t follow me! 

- Shri Ram

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