That mysterious evening....As love happened

Chapter-1, Location: somewhere in the forest hill of Shimla
Ssssshhsomeone is following us, she said.
It's the revengeful soul of cockroach you killed last month, Ronak replied wittingly.
Khushi cluched his fist and looked in his eyes. Words were unrequited as the setting itself revealed the atmosphere. It's one dusky evening in the month of October and nearest human settlement is 50 kms away.
Cool, enchanting breeze with the scent of deodar's was making her hairs go wild as he has never seen her hairs so amazingly.
he was hurriedly looking for a open space to make the tent and pave the way for the best evening of his life…
Look at the left side. Come, hurry, fast, we have only 30 minutes of daylight left. Nervous Khushi was still holding his hand tightly…
After the hard toil making arrangements for the tent, Ronak murmured in her ears…you are looking majestic and astounding, is it because you are actually beautiful or I am being deceived.
Little he knew that night would change the meaning of deception forever..
Soon witty banter turned to deep conversations about nostalgic days of school.
Those days Khushi I wish I could take you to my journeys…Khushi looked deep in his eyes,again words paved the way for silence.
This heavenly connection through eyes was broken by passerby jackal.maybe the scent of the mahseer that was in the package for the evening attracted the canine…I am getting the feeling that someone is looking at us from a distance in the east oblivious of the fact that flesh is prohibited after sunset in lonely places in hill culture. It can attract unwanted attention( of course not animals)…
Relax it is a deception Of your mind to keep you off from the lovely evening, Ronak said smilingly.
But why mind will deceive me for the thing that will ultimately lead to his pleasure only.
Because deception is a creation of mind. It is deceiving you with unknown fears so to heighten your senses and make the experience more enjoyable. Clever, selfish mind scarying young lady for its own pleasure. Ronak said with a big devilish smile on face……
Hey Khushi hurry up. It's almost dark, come outside help me in lighting up the fire.. 2 minutes, Ronak, till then you proceed.
Khushi came outside and sat near Ronak
I didn't knew you have too much fire in you that even a glance of yours is sufficient for the dry woods to burn even more feircely.
Voice of Ronak combined with the serene background and chilly breeze was sufficient for Khushi to get goosebumps…Ronak Ronak, there is someone behind that tree..
Ahhh, it's the same jackal..nothing new in that….you always attract unwanted attention especially from jackals of human world. See now, you have raised the heat of this jackal from different world also, remarked Ronak while throwing a peice of the evening's pie in the direction of canine…..both burst into laughter unaware of the invisible eyes around.
Come close Khushi,
I am already…
So close that will make your eyes get closed,
And perhaps mouth open..said Khushi jokingly..
So Khushi how was the evening, did I lived up to my words of an evening worth remembering for..
Each second with you is worth remembering Ronak..eyes met and paved the way for silence.
Let's get inside Ronak, it's getting dark and cold here, it's already half past eight..
And with you Khushi, I can actually feel time dilation..
Only time dilation Ronak, said she
Again eyes met and paved the way for silence….

End of chapter 1

-Shri Ram :)


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