Random Thought

The sky is still dark,
And cold and harsh,
Alone tonight,
A soul-less night.
What makes me worry
Is the possibility,
Of continuation.
Will I be left alone,
In these soul-less nights.
With no one around,
My heart aches.
I try to forget,
And yet,
It reminds itself,
Of golden days of the past.
All I remember is
Smiles and journeys,
Of finding myself.
All I left behind,
Was your presence.
You still reside,
In heart, memory and
And when the darkness clears,
And my sun shines again,
I'll bump into you.
Not realizing
Until our gazes meet.
And I'll smile,
So will you.
But for now,
I'll keep a trace of you.
Look at you in the face,
Reminiscing and smiling,
Waiting for the dawn.
I'll keep a picture,
Of us.
And it'll bring me hope.

-shri ram

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