Open letter to my crush

I know this isn't the right place and time to say this, but I am missing you, a lot actually !

We haven't talked since quite some time and I must say that I can not wait to see that beautiful smile of yours in front of my eyes.

 I still remember the last time we met, I wanted to savour that moment for eternity. I wanted to stop you, and I'm sorry for being so silly that I didn't do it.

I am sorry for being arrogant and I promise I won't repeat the same mistake ever again.

All those calls and texts are worthless if I can't feel your presence next to me.

I know it's equally difficult for you to stay away and I just want to thank you in front of these hundreds or thousands readers for being with me through my worst times, saving me from depression and preventing me from ending my life.

Thank you for giving me another chance that I didn't deserve after the mistakes I made and the way I hurted you. I always heard that god sends angels to help people, but I never knew that my angel would be so beautiful inside out. I consider myself really lucky that I found you, I know I let you down many times and I am not the perfect boyfriend you dreamt of but you accepted me even after all my flaws and faults.

I feel proud to be your friend, I want to hold your hand and show the world what true love is, how two people really get connected by souls, how all these lines and not mere cheesy talks.

We still have to go a long way, fighting against the orthodox society and making way for our love.

I promise I will be by your side each and every time, there won't be a single second of regret and I promise I will return the same loyalty and love to you, I will be the first one to face all the problems coming towards you. I will change myself into a better, selfless perosn like you, there's actually a lot to learn from you.

You are the strongest and most determined girl I have ever met, you faced all the challenges and problems of life with a smiling face and you indeed are an inspiration for me and many others. You are my princess and I will take care of you till my last breath with full loyalty, faith and responsibility.

 I know you would be reading this and I have already said many of the things mentioned here but I genuinely mean each and every word I said. I am not afraid of anyone anymore, and so in front of all these people.

I proudly say that I love you.

- Shri Ram
P.S. : the letter is work of fiction.


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