I can face any issues. But, I became blank whenever I am dealing with this, he said.
What's wrong? she asked.
I always falling in love again and again, he replied.
You can't find more than one soulmate. These kind of feelings are either infatuation or attraction, she replied with aching heart.
But, My problem is ‘I always falling in love again and again whenever I see you”, he declared his love.
(She calmly smiled and he failed to capture that smile)
I am damn sure that You too had the same problem. Isn't???
She conveyed her LOVE through her eyes!!!
Why god has created mouth for you when your eyes can says all the things crystal clear, He wondered.
He kissed her and asked, Will you be mine? And, without waiting for her reply he said, “BE MINE”.
(There are many ways to say love you…But, I am sure kiss is THE BEST way)
He looked at her eyes and said You are trying to say something right?
She nodded her head.
Tell me then, he asked.
She kissed him and said,Now You understood my purpose of my mouth right???
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-shri ram 

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