I wish i could..

The very first day i saw her, i felt something unknown. She felt like a song that i already knew would be my favourite. Her eyes did something to me that i can't explain. She caught me staring, and i smiled but never thought she would smile back.
Days passed by, we became close friends. Short messages turned into long conversations. I've never understood those 3 am chats concepts, but it became the happiest time of my day.
Feelings kept growing as i got to know her more. Her smile made me happy, her pain hurted me, his annoyance made me cry, her consolance comforted me . We had something pure between us which i can't explain in words, but i know she didn't notice me that way.
Many questions on my mind remained unanswered.
I wish i could express it.
I wish i could ask her, 'Why are you so important to me?’
I wish i could ask her, 'Even though i talk to many people, why your late replies kill me?’
I wish i could ask her, 'I don't crave for anyone's presence, but why your absence makes me cry?’
I wish i could ask her, ' I don't show my vulnerable side to anyone, but why can't i hide it from you?’
I wish i could ask her these questions.
I wish he would understand why am i asking these questions.
I wish I could say her, 'Be mine.’
I wish i could make her mine.
But i am afraid to do so, because if i do
I wish i don't lose her.

-Shri ram


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