Fictional ending for some GOT fans..

        I wrote this little story as a “ What if Daenerys had stopped at the bells?”

“A Time for Ice”
Drogon could feel Daenerys’ call to wheel around and turn back towards the city, but he also knew that she felt unsure of herself. The fury of the dracays in their bond was ebbing. He beat his wings once and took a deep breath, waiting. Daenerys looked down at all of the world, she could hardly see through her tears and all the tiny, charred debris in the air was stinging her eyes.
Look at you, all of you! What kind of person rides a Dragon?!   I do! Daenerys Stormborn and this is the price you pay for killing ones I love. For my empty life! You!

Daenerys suddenly heard the bells ringing. Did they just start? She wanted to smile through her tears.
She won, the city was hers! The Iron Throne was hers! If Jorah was here, he’d… Misanndei! I’m so sorry, I love you, little sister.
She was still angry, still suffering and still heartbroken, but she could hear children crying now and the terrible smell of fire and people dying. Daenerys sobbed ‘tegun’ and pictured the spot in her mind, where she wanted Drogon to land.
The Unsullied meet little resistance entering the Red Keep.

Cersei is dragged out in chains. Jaime is right behind her, he can’t believe he made it to her to save her! Cersei makes a comment about Euron being there when she needed him. Jaime can’t believe it! After everything? He snaps and tries to shut her up, accidentally choking her to death,while the soldiers try to separate them.

Daenerys tells them to bury her. She doesn’t want to be known for burning every enemy.
Daenerys says “Good people of Westeros, I am Daenerys Stormborn,Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. I am here to free you from Cersei Lannister. Cersei Lannister, who blew up our Sept and tried to use you as human shields! I promise a better world to all who obey me.”
  Drogon roars.
All of the soldiers and citizens in King’s Landing kneel. Daenerys really hopes that Jon will come and see her. *My Warden! If only he could hold me.. but I’m the queen now . If Jon is uncomfortable with our relationship, what can I do? He wasn’t raised like I was-I know we still love each other, maybe he needs time. I’m not going to throw away everything because my love life is floundering*.
Tyrion is exiled to live in wealth and comfort in Pentos ,where he falls in love and gets married. After a year he’s called back to Westeros with his family, to serve on the Small Council.

Bronn gets a castle but declines the position of Master of Coin,because he can barely read or do math.

Samwell trains someone from the Citadel to be Master of Coin.

Ser Davos is the Master of Ships.

Grey Worm stays the Master of War.

Samwell and Gilly have many and more children, (who don’t grow up to be cruel, selfish lords.)
After seeing the last battle Daenerys is feeling reflective and wants to try and make a better world here,perhaps she will have children or designate someone else as her heir and they will free the rest of the world.
Out of their mutual love for Jon, Daenerys and Sansa agree to a treaty similar to the one the crown has with Dorne. Sansa becomes Princess of the North.
Arya sails to see what is west of Westeros, she returns with an entire saga of her own. Gendry asks her to marry him again:).
Bran, the Three Eyed Raven stays to advise the Iron Throne as Master of Whispers.
Jon and Daenerys decide to settle the issue of his claim by marrying. Daenerys’s mind stabilizes as she finally starts to learn from her mistakes. Qyborn left some helpful meds behind that help until she gets herself together. Jon doesn’t laugh at Sam’s idea of Democracy and they start to work on how some of Sam’s ideas could be accomplished. Sam reminds Daenerys that Valyria was a Freehold and giving more people a say might be part of her destiny!
They both try to help the country together working closely with the others. eventually they have a set of twins. They marry them outside the family.

- Shri ram ☺️
PS: Strictly fiction inspired by Game of Thrones.

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