Before you fall in love

Have you ever looked up in the sky and thought about that someone special? Someone, who will light up the darkest corners of our hearts; who finds a special mention in our daily prayers and is on our minds 24×7.

Our entire life is spent on searching this special one but seldom do we do it with an open heart.
All I am saying that we are not open to love. We don’t let it light our hearts and give us those breathless moments because we are busy searching.

I ask you, who is a special one? Someone who is close to our heart, who understands us better than we do ourselves and will do everything in their power to keep us happy.

Most of the time we have so high expectation from ourselves that we fail to realize what we truly need. We fail to recognize those who could have been our ‘breathless moments’
It’s because of these ‘expectations’ that we get stuck with the dust, when actually we could have gotten the diamond.

Your special one may not have six packs or an hourglass figure, but if we are willing to open our hearts and have faith in love, then we all can have our Happily Ever After.

Shri ram


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