Love wins over everything!

Khushbu and Jigar were sweethearts from their school days. Life had bought
them a long way from being each others' bench-mates to each others'
soulmates! Both had a fairly common friend-circle but that did not limit their social life in anyway.
Khushbu had a nasty fight with Jigar over a trivial reason the night before. The next morning was her off-day from work and hence had a yoga class to attend.
Jigar:  Get into the car Madam, aren't you getting late for the yoga class???? You don't have work today, but i do!
The office and yoga class were half a kilometer apart. He wanted to sort things before they started their day, in the office and yoga class respectively, hence he'd decided to drop her. With a sullen face, she sat beside him without even looking at him. For her he'd suddenly turned a villain from sweetheart. Who talks this way to their girlfriend, she thought to herself! looking out of the window.
The class was 30 minutes away. Jigar had taken a different route today. She turned to ask him that, and in a flash she realized she was super-cross with him! She again looked away, he picked on that too! Dressed in a dull track pant and her favourite mickey mouse blue tee-shirt, she knew she was looking as dull as ever! Tying her hair she realized his gaze, but ignored it. He being the real sweetheart he was, decided to touch the touchy subject himself!
Jigar: Sweety, i know you are upset, i said am sorry for yesterday, it was work stress that made me say rude things!!! Can i be ever rude to you?
Khushbu: hmm...
Jigar: Say something!!!
Khushbu: You are a fool!
Jigar: (smiling) Yaaa, i know that!!
Khushbu: (irritated as hell) Aaaaaaah Jay, sorry has just become a word for you to say whenever you annoy me. Do you have any idea how much you upset me!!!! Arey yaarr, i don't want to talk to you, you do not understand me at all!
Jigar: (on a serious note): Okay, am sorry, but i have always tried my best to behave according to your expectations.  
This line was enough to melt her!
Her face broke into a smile and she blushed. 
He hinted her to open the compartment below the dashboard. She did, to find a box of her favourite ice-cream inside!!!! 
Hurrah! Her face couldn't hide her joy, for he had managed to sneak out of the house and hide ice-cream in the car!!! She started gorging on it, deserting her bad mood!
Further surprise awaited her when he told her that he'd taken a half day from work for spending the morning with her!
"Happy??", he asked! "Super super happy! Super happy to have your time, after a long time!!!!!!" 
She replied hugging him tight!
She poked him in the stomach for not telling her in advance about the plan so she could dress better! 

In the most loving way he exclaimed," Sweetheart, you can make the dullest attire look gorgeous!" Hitting him playfully, she smiled to herself, thanking her stars to have the most wonderful soulmate in Jay! 

He in a crisp formal attire and she in a dull track pant made for a strange but cute couple among the sea of people out there!!


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