should we give Modi ji one more term?

BIG NO We shouldn’t !
Because he the biggest reason for poverty and unemployment in the country.
1. He started direct benefit transfer scheme. Now if 1 Rs is sent from Delhi the same 1 rs reaches the beneficiary. Earlier it used to be if 1 Rs is sent 15 paise used to reach. So, now the finances of those who used to get 85 paise in the middle are drying up.
2. He asked to attach Pan card with AADHAR card which resulted in 71% increase in income tax returns filed in the current year itself and tax collection to GDP ratio reached its peak. Now people need to file return and pay taxes . Again there finances are drying up.
3. He asked to link AADHAR card to LPG connection which resulted in lakhs of connections being cut off and the black marketing stopped . The finances of those who used to do black marketing are drying now.
4. He brought UPI and a lot of government departments started accepting payments online. Now jobs are being cut in those departments and since I don’t have to go to electricity exchange to pay bill I wont’t take a rickshaw also and thus drying up the finances of the rickshaw wala.
5. He brought UDAN scheme. The government pays certain amount to the airlines for flying to these routes and GST on the amount paid by the government is also waived off for the first year. Earlier I used to go by train and buy food inside the train or local vendors at the platforms. Loss for the government in terms of railway ticket meaning less revenue for the government.
6. He brought GST. Which resulted in more then 39 lakh new registrations means more compliance and more people have to pay taxes. Earlier it used to be part of there disposable income. There are provisions like invoice wise mapping in returns meaning people can’t claim fake invoices for ITC(Input Tax Credit) which will again decrease their disposable income.
7. He started building toilets in every house and paid money for the same. For 70 years we became familiar with the conditions and were happy. The same money could have been used for some other benefits of farmers. Moreover the soil is less fertile now.
8. He brought a provision for blending ethanol with petrol upto 20%. Which basically strike downs the revenue of oil marketing companies which are owned by the government. Again less revenue for the government at the cost of reducing pollution. ( which is a chines hoax)
9. He is pushing for 100% electrification in villages which will end up decreasing demand for the lanterns . Now what about those who were employed by lantern makers?
10. He introduced insolvency and bankruptcy code for earlier resolution of NPA. Now those wilful promoters will have to pay money and if company can’t pay off there operational or financial creditors the assets are sold to pay them back. How can a government ask a company to do that is beyond my understanding. What will happen to those promoters now?
11. He brought RERA. All the projects needs to be registered with the authorities. The builders need to put 75% of money received in an escrow account and that they can’t use in other projects. Which will mean less laundering and less money which the builders can siphon off. Who will fill this gap now?
12. He opened zero balance bank accounts under Jan Dhan and accordingly the people can take loans at the rates charged by banks and don’t need to go for informal funding to the rich people in villages who charge a higher rate of interest. Now what will happen to those rich people . There income is also getting decreased.
13. He asked doctors to write generic names of medicines rather than writing medicines with the brand name. ( pending in court) Which will definitely hurt the pharma companies and less investment by them which will again result in less economic activity.
14. He regulated prices of medication like heart stent and others so basically hospitals can’t charge whatever they want.
15. He also asked us to make India “swachh Bharat” and if India becomes swachh we will fall ill less . Again the same economic downward will start.
So if he has done so much destruction in 5 years. I don’t think he deserves any chance.
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-Shri Ram

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