If rahul Gandhi becomes PM

He may take some important decisions;
1. Every 50 years old man to be considered as a ‘youth’.
2. Hindi number ‘Pentiss’ will be replaced by ‘Pichatis’(Thirty-five).
3. people will not waste the time of the supreme court. As he declared that Rafael deal was a scam which was done by Modiji for his personal benefits.
4. He will order to collect the double amount of loan from companies whose pocket Modiji used to put money. For example- Ambani, Adani.
5. The prime minister's election will not be held until he authorizes so.
6. We will see ‘Made In India’ engraved on every product. However, right now, he wants to close ‘Make in India’ project.
7. He will arrest to the ‘Vikas’(Development). because according to him,
“Vikas Pagal ho Gaya Hai” (The development has gone crazy).
8. All Indians will be sad because of All the memes and funny speech of Rahul Gandhi will be banned.
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-Shri Ram

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