i am tired of hearing

1. Has he come of age now to lead the country.
2. Rafael Scam.
3. I am a follower of this and i agree with this and how can i prove it to him.
4. The whole debate about fundamental rights being in danger. What about our fundamental duties?
5. What would have been India's condition now if Nehru wouldn’t have done that or wouldn’t have done that. (muje kya pata yaar)
6. Why Modi has helping capitalists like Ambani and Adani. Ya bro he got 44 billion dollars in 4.5 years before that he had a BPL card.
7. Don’t burst crackers on Diwali because it’s harmful for the environment. ( Ya bro that’s why i use public transport the whole year and don’t smoke unlike you)
8. When will reservation be removed. NEVER!
9. Wait, i am coming in 5 min.
10. Ohh you are from Rajasthan, Do you have water at your place.
11. Ohh you are from Rajasthan, Do you speak Rajasthani. ( No i speak Marwadi)
12. 1+1 = 11.
13. “Mere Baap Ki sadak Hai”.
14. Study now you can watch TV after becoming successful.
15. “Aapke toothpaste mein Namak hai”.
16. Flipkart, Jabong, Myntra end of Reason sale is here and discounts like never before. ( Har mahine aake same dialogue chipkate ho with same discounts like regular days)
17. Why is China more developed then India. Ya bro they don’t have democracy also.
18. People in mall asking me - Sir, Do you want a credit card? (Obviously islie to mall aaya hu)
19. Voted the best univeristy in India. Voted the best School in India. ( All schools are voted the best in India)
20. There is an undeclared emergency in India (Kuch bhi).
21. I met a girl who looked like this. ( 7 billion plus log hai aur koi same nai dkhta, usi ki photo post kro nai to kro hi mat).

Thanks for scrolling
Shri Ram

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