How To Become Famous on Twitter

1. Are you a girl? Well. That's enough. However you need not to be REAL, I mean angle priya. There are high chances that you will get Likes and retweets and even followers easily.

2. Find a street dog. Click a picture while you are feeding it biscuits. Write an emotional lines about it. Boom! You have Likes, retweets and followers too.

3. Tweets must be interesting and cheesy. Your tweets should be “click bait”.

4. An emotional lines that you bought all pens from poor peddlers will definitely bring Likes, retweets and comments.

5. Don't use the words which can't be understood by a layman. Don't show off your vocabulary if you want to connect with the people.

6. Every now and then tweet related to PM Modi ji and cuss other political persons. It will boost your Likes but you may not get the retweets.

7. Attaching your selfie will boost your Likes and comments too.

8. Have a fake problem of yours? Share it in a different way and get Likes and retweets.

9. Are you good at jokes or painfull (dard bhari) Shayaris? Well, you have a scope on Twitter. Likes and retweets are guaranteed on funny tweets.

10. Celebrate your fake birthday or achievements of certain thousands followers.

11. Are you a boy? Well, that's not enough. Are you handsome? Well that's not enough too. Work Hard. Very Hard.

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