Indian Economy Is Collapsed, What Can Be Done By The Government

These should be top priorities of the government;

1. Close all Jan Dhan bank accounts with total deposit of Rs. 80,000/- crores.

2. Give back Rs 80,000/- crores back to defaulters, collected this year and stop IBC personnel to recover further Rs 100,000/- crores next year.

3. Roll back fugitive offenders bill.

4. Close down honorable NCLT/ NCLAT.

5. Stop billion dollars bank recapitalization plan.

6. Scrap proposed merger of Bank of Baroda, Vijaya bank and dena bank.

7. Roll back merger of state bank of India with other state bank group banks and Bhartiya Mahila bank.

8. Bring back CPI to 10%.

9. Fiscal deficit above 5%

10. Give back Japan its soft loan (0.1% pa).

11. Unregulated the petroleum prices.

12. Give renew certificate of incorporation to all 5 lakh fake/defaulter companies who’s names were struck off.

13. Declare invalid all the Income tax returns filed by those 60% percent (total 2.1 crores new) who filed it for the first time.

14. Ask the investors to take back their 62 billion dollars in FDI.

15. Restore India’s Ease of Doing Business ranking to 142 (presently 77).

16. Ask Moody’s(Rating Agency) to roll back India’s sovereign rating from Baa2 to Baa3.

17. Take back infra sector status given to logistics.

18. Roll back GST and let people evade taxes and voluntary take off the GST +licenses of all those who registered for the first time.

19. Ask RBI to bring down India’s foreign reserves.

20. Cancel currency swap arrangements with Japan and UAE.

21. Bring down the tax collection to GDP ratio which is the highest right now.

-shri ram

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