Untold story

I was a rambunctious student in school. She was the topper of our class.

I used to play cricket. She loved never ending novels.

I was reckless and confused when I was 16. She started planning her career by then.

She was a good speaker. I only clapped.

I gave her hints. She never winked.

I proposed to her. She accepted me.

We passed high school.

I chose Chartered accountancy. She chose Management.

I went to Ahmedabad. She went to Mumbai.

I always wanted to come over for weekends. She was happy with Skype.

I found myself obsessed with Taxation. She was redefining market structure.

I started smoking in college. She was busy preparing for CAT.

She loved coffee meet-ups. I was a late-night-chat guy.

I used to take her to movies. She was my guide to the temples.

She cooked home-made food. I loved road side Dhabas.

I booked us ola rides. She urged me to take the bus.

Once, I paid for the food in a restaurant. Next time, she took my wallet before entering. I had no choice. We shared the bill.

I was chillin’ out every other vacation. She utilised them interning with multinationals.

We completed studies.

She went to IIM Bangalore to pursue PGDM. I started my career with MNC(I made sure they placed me in the same city as her).

She stayed in campus. My company rented me a flat.

She mastered her management skills. I had to work hard to cope up with the corporate lifestyle.

She completed her post graduation after two years and joined MNC (with a seven figure annual salary). I got my promotion.

By now, my parents knew her very well. My mummy loved her. I barely knew my to-be in-laws.

We moved in a new apartment. She decorated it. I moved the furnitures.

She used to wake up at six. On some days, I used to sleep at five.

She made me breakfast. I ate it shamelessly, without even thanking her.

I hated traffic rules. She would stop at traffic signals even at 3 am.(when nobody’s there, why?)

I bought us ice cream. She took a bite.

“Umm, it’s delicious.” she declared.

Just then a boy(read: rag picker) approached us expectantly.

I was in no mood to give away my ice cream.

Without even thinking she gave him her piece.

Man, I gotta tell you, the smile on that boy’s face made me love her even more. (I had to buy her another one :p)

On holidays, I would sit all day long and play Temple Run. She would bath early, go to the temples, do the groceries and of course, try to pull me out of my room.

I never told her about the girl who winked at me in office. She would tell me her deepest secrets.

Whenever my mom called and she was around, she would take the phone and starts: “How are you, mummy ?”( Yes, she calls her that) But when her parents call, I simply sneak out of the room.

She helped me quit Cigarettes. I helped her draping the saree.

She cared for me. I didn’t even care for myself.

Our families started discussing dates.

But fate had different plans for me.

One day, she fell down on the floor. Unconscious. I took her to the hospital. Doctors ran a few test. They told me she had brain cancer.
My life changed.

I went to her. She smiled weakly.

“You will be fine.” I fought back tears.

“Don’t cry, when I’m gone.” she made me promise.

She left me. I was numb.

I am alone. She’s with million stars.

I loved her. She loves me more.

I am alive. She’s in my heart.

I miss her cuddles. I miss her texts, I miss someone who comforts me. I miss her fragrance. I miss her smile. I miss her cuteness. 
I miss her kindness. I miss her love.

P.S. : the story is work of fiction 

Thanks for scrolling 
-Shri ram

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