dil ki baat

19th September
Place: Home
Everyone: Happy Birthday Shri ram!!
Me (blushing): Thank you (*^。^*)
Random Friend: Chal!! (Come!! )
Me: Kahan? (Where?)
Random Friend: Cake nahi katega?
(Won't you cut the cake?)
Me: (thinking) Finally
(Reaches the spot)
(Sees the cake)
Me: Wow yaar. Thanks sabko. Chalo kaat ta hu.
(Thanks to everyone. Alright I'm cutting now!)
Just about to cut the perfect, smooth, fluffy, chocolate filled awesome cakewhen,
Me: (*_*)
Friends: Yay! Happy birthday!!
________________________________________ This is what doesn't make sense to me.
First, you buy a cake for the birthday guy /girl.
Next you make him/her happy by wishing and giving gifts.
Then, you make him/her blow the candles.
And then, well that. The Cake Facial as it is called now.
Who started this weird sh*t? And, now this is like a tradition which is to be followed at every birthday.
Overrated crap!
Please, don't do this.
Instead, let a foodie feast on it.
He/She will be truly happy.
At least I will be. :-)
Gareeb ko khila do, dua lagegi.
(Feed the poor, You'll get the blessing)
Gareeb/Poor = Me.

-Shri Ram

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