Best feeling in our life

●Sharing your painful story with a stranger without being judged.

●Birthday wishes from the special one.

●Getting first salary or first job.

●Smile/ text from your crush.

●Reply/ like from a popular twitter handle.

●Appreciation from a random stranger.

●Travelling by Aeroplan for the first time.

●That little extra sleep after you snooze your alarm.

●A phone call from that special one when depressed.

●When your parents say “I'm proud of you my son/ daughter.”

●Proposing a girl/ boy for the first time with a little inner fear.

●Getting a passing mark in the nightmare subject.

●Helping someone without expecting anything.

●A good music and a sound sleep.

●Night out with friends.

●First day of college/office.

●The happiness on your neighbor kids, when you give them a chocolate unexpectedly.

●Playing with kids and becoming a kid with them to kill the loneliness, depression and anxiety.

Thanks for scrolling😊
~shri ram

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