How do I celebrate my birthday

My birthday was yesterday.😊😊
I can help you with this and lemme tell you how I celebrated my birthday yesterday.
And let me give you the plan for your birthday. It is all i did.
1. Feed a hungry stray dog, you will find the unsaid wish in his/her eyes.
2. Water the driest plant you see around, you will find the wish in its quenched thirst.
3. Smile towards a beggar and offer him food, you will find the wish in his smile.
4. Donate a unit of blood, the unsaid blessings will be your birthday wish.
And finally at the night, look at the sky and thank the nature for giving you the beautiful world as a gift for you.
Every moment is priceless, Whether you are lonely or not, cherish it everyday.
-shri ram

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