Is Doing CA Really Worth It?

Disclaimer: Join this course at your own risk.

Ideally the above statement should be included at the top of course registration application.

If you are ready to waste 4 to 6 years of your youth life, with no guarantee of qualifying it.

Welcome, the course is specifically designed for you.
Results are highly market oriented and the irony is that ICAI doesn't have any committee or board which analysis the requirement of CAs in market that means results are declared on ad hoc basis.
This adhoc basis of declaring result is root cause of low package being offered to a qualified CA. I have seen many qualified CA remaining jobless for many months after qualification or if they get job the salary would be Rs.20,000 per month equivalent to what a MBA from ordinary college gets.
How this ad hoc basis effect let us quantify. Avearge result of CA final for last 10
examinations works out be around 10 % . Now suppose ICAI declares 8 % result for three exams and for the fourth exam they increase it to let say 14% .
Now these extra 6 % doesn't mean students all over India performed well. It only means these 6% are undeserved candidates.
So this is one more mess.

In India more than half of Chartered Accountants belong to a particular community ( guess ? Yes , you are right!) This is one more mess.

Total syllabus of CA course is equivalent to sum of square of syllabus of all other professional courses in India. If you are non CA student better dont apply the above formula you would end up getting sign "E" on your calculator.

Dhobi ka kutta:
As long long as you are not able to clear CPT or IPC its fine. You can change your track anytime. Once you clear IPC and if you are not able to clear CA Final despite giving numerous attempts , congratulation , you have destroyed your youth life.
Now you cant change your tracks. You are in one of the worst situation known to man since the time of stone age.
You can be better describe as "Dhobi ka kutta".

When all your other school friends would be earning handsome pacakges. You would be roaming along with your bag from every nook to corner collecting photocopies of important notes.
There are many other things.

To sum up all the above things make CA course a big mess.


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